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Questions that you must ask before finalizing your

By Admin
2020-09-12 19:31:17
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The wedding is one of the biggest days of life for every girl, after which everything changes.
It's a brand new beginning and it must be Grand!
Girls dream about this day from a very early age, and finally, when the dates are determined,
and anticipation is on the peak, it's best to pre-decide the look and the makeup artist. Every
woman wants to appear the best at her wedding, after all, it is her day. So here we have
prepared the ultimate "7 questions that you must ask before finalizing your makeup
artist" ;

So let's get started

1) Are you available on the date of my wedding?

That's the first question obviously! If you're determined to get your make up some by some
particular Makeup artist this is really important. Tag along with a few other questions
Can I see your portfolio?
This will give you an idea about their work and help you understand if it matches with your
ideas. Get to know details about their background, ask, if they're professional in this field,
they have worked with how many brides. Ask if there are any references who can be called;
this is the best way to be sure about their work.

2) What kind of makeup products do you use? Do I've to provide them?

The longevity, look depends a lot on the products, plus low-grade products might cause
rashes and outbreaks (you won't want that massacre!!) For that reason, ask if they do a
sensitivity test and mention if you're allergic to any product.

3) What type of makeup will you suggest for me?

Do I need any skin preparation? Can you
duplicate a look if I show you photos from my inspirational gallery?
You may or may not have an idea of the make-up for the day, but you can always go for an
idea from your makeup artist. Especially if they have a good experience they'll suggest what
will suit your face, dress and skin tone better. Otherwise, you can stick to recreating the look
you got inspired from.

4) Will you do a trial? Do you charge for that?

This will help you to describe the look you want. Plus they can understand your skin type
and preferable shades. Show them your dress and jewellery. Without trial, it all becomes a
bit risky and uncertain on the final day.

5) How much do you charge? (#The most important question!!)

(If the charges are
applicable per person or per hour) What is included in the bridal package? What are the
different packages and their prices? When and how do you expect the payment?
Make sure if they'll do the hair-do and the draping. (You don't want a faux pas at the last

6) Do I've to travel or you'll come to the venue? Do you have a team? What arrangement
from my side (like food/ accommodation) are expected?

Mostly they come to the venue, and if they have a team then it'll be better and will take less

7) What is your Plan- B, in case you can't make it on that day?

They should have some alternative way and you must stay prepared for that as well. After
asking these questions and setting things, you are all set for the D-day! Everything will be

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