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Glimpses of Bengali Wedding Rituals for Your Knowl

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2021-07-01 18:12:50
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The wedding ceremony for every girl is one of the most important days of her life. It is a universal truth. After marriage, everything shifts to another level of family bonding. It is a completely new beginning that has to be spectacular! From a young age, girls dream of this eventful day!

Bengali Wedding ceremonies are comparable to almost all Indian wedding rituals in many ways. If your wedding is in the Bengali manner, you should look at the key Bengali wedding customs. In essence, there are at least nine major wedding traditions. Also, there are ten or more pre- and post-wedding rituals.

The significance of the Kolkata Wedding has always been a subject of interest for wedding enthusiasts across the globe. Here are 4 distinct factors that seem to influence an average Bengali Wedding.

Bridal Makeup

Makeup Artists in Kolkata enjoy a prominent status for bridal makeup. Every bride wants to be considered gorgeous on her wedding day. She aspires to stand out from the crowd. This is the day when she wants to look great in every way. Of course, brides face a lot of stress on their wedding day. They must cover all of the rituals quite religiously and be an active participant in the whole ceremony.

Following are a few valid reasons to hire a makeup artist for bridal touch up:

  • Flawless Appearance: The bride's makeup should not only make her look immaculate, but it should also enhance the look with matching attire. The color of the eyeshadow and lipstick should match the color of the bridal outfit chosen for the day.
  • Fluctuating Trends: Every year, new makeup trends emerge in the scenario. Professional makeup artists keep track of the latest beauty trends. They will offer a host of options for selecting a particular fashion. It creates the perfect look for the bridal makeover.
  • Hairstyling: Hairstyles are also deemed a significant component of the bride's facial structure. A decent hairdo will complement the bride's overall appearance. It also boosts her beauty elements. Hairstyles can be difficult to master, and due support from a professional hairdresser is a must.
  • Makeup Products: As and when it comes to developing bridal makeup ideas, professional makeup products take the forefront. You don't want your face to be coated with high-tone makeup and have to wash it off. Professional makeup artists will take care of all of the problems. They will create a smoothly blended and long-lasting makeup appearance for the bride-to-be.

The dates are finalized, and the excitement is at its peak. Now is the time to search for Makeup Artists in Kolkata ahead of time. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. It is her special day after all!

Wedding Venues in Kolkata

There are numerous low-key and customized wedding venues in Kolkata. Some of the notable venues for Kolkata Wedding are as under:

  • PC Chandra Garden near E.M. Bypass
  • The Rajbari at Bawali 
  • Calcutta Boating & Hotel Resorts at Topsia
  • Wet-O-Wild near Salt Lake
  • Panetti Banquet at Maniktala Main Road
  • JMS Villa and Garden, Hussainpur
  • Eco Park in NewTown
  • Sovabazar Rajbari at Naba Krishna Street
  • Vedic Village in Rajarhat
  • Effort in Raichak

These Kolkata Wedding venues are indeed a lovely blend of both rustic and modern ambiance. The amazing wedding receptions are possible on their plush green lawns and banquet halls. They can accommodate 1000 guests at a time. From food and décor to entertainment, everything is managed by the property owners. 

Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers in Kolkata are mainly divided into two categories: candid and posed. The posed photography always appears robotic and mechanical. The candid photography strives to catch genuine positive moods as they unfold every minute.

The services rendered by a photographer in Bengali Wedding are as follows:

  • Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: It is usually presumed to be a good idea to try anything extraordinary before any big event. Wedding photographers are no exception. If you have any doubts about the quality of services, you must schedule a pre-wedding photography session to settle the issue.
  • Candid Photography: Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata have become more popular than the posed photographers. Posing for a wedding photograph makes the subject conscious. This leads to unimpressive results. However, if the subject is caught unawares, candid photography reveals the true nature of the person.
  • Celluloid like Videos: A team of highly skilled cinematographers is always accessible in Kolkata. They employ cutting-edge technology to capture the events of your wedding with cinematic impact. Besides, they will make all the necessary adjustments on a real-time basis. Eventually, you will get a spectacular wedding movie that you will cherish for life.

You should conduct background verification before appointing a Wedding Photographers in Kolkata. Look for someone who understands the emotions around a wedding scenario. The right professional will capture the conclusive moments without sacrificing quality. 

Weddings in Bengal

There are 4 main constituents of a Bengali Wedding

  • The bride's Gaye Holud (Yellow coating on the skin)
  • Groom's Gaye Holud, 
  • The Beeye (Marriage rituals)
  • Bou Bhaat (Reception at groom's residence)

These are held on different days. However, there is an important event that precedes the formal wedding. This ritual is known as ‘Ashirwaad’ (Exchange of blessings). It signifies the exchange of golden rings at both ends.

Having considered everything, a Bengali Wedding can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Pre-Wedding Rituals: Adan Pradan (Souvenir exchange), Patri Patra (Bride and the Groom), Ashirvad (Blessings from adults), Aai Budo Bhaat (Last cuisine for both bride and the groom during bachelorhood), Dodhi Mangal (A holy ritual related to consuming curd at wee hours), Holud Kota (Grinding turmeric), Adhibas Tatva (Marriage attire) Snan (Divine bath), Sankha Porano (Wearing conch bangles).
  • Wedding Rituals: Bor Boron (Welcoming the groom), Potto Bastra (Wearing divine wedding dresses), Saat Paak (Seven rounds around the fire), Mala Badal (Garlanding each other), Subho Drishti (Looking at each other with affection), Sampradan (Handing over the bride), Yagna (Fire rituals with divine chanting), Anjali (throwing sacred flowers), Sindur Daan (Applying vermillion on bride's forehead).
  • Post-Wedding Rituals: Bashar Ghar (bride and groom surrounded by their friends and relatives), Bashi Biye (2nd-time marriage), Bidaye (bidding farewell to the bride), Bou Boron (Welcoming bride to the groom's residence), Kaal Ratri (24 hours separation of both bride and groom before sharing the same bed), Bou Bhaat (Reception at groom's place), Phool Sajja (Sharing the same bed for the 1st time), Dwiragaman (Revisiting parents' house by the bride together with the groom after 7 days).

For close family relations, Bengali weddings might span weeks or even months. Even the passersby notice the amazing aroma of festivity in the air. 


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