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7 questions that you must ask before confirming yo

By Admin
2020-07-07 19:33:47
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We live in moments, and the best moments of our life often flies away before we could fathom it. Some of the moments stay in our memories, some get blurred with time. But when it's about marriage, not even a moment can be lost! So to the rescue comes photographs and videos. In this 21st century, almost everyone has a smartphone or a good camera, but will you enjoy the ceremony or keep clicking pictures? For all these reasons one must get a wedding photographer to cover the event. 


So if your wedding days are locked, you must book a wedding photographer soon! Here we are presenting you a set of "questions that you must ask before confirming your wedding photographer. "


 Let's get started!


  1. Are you available on the wedding day? 

This is the first thing to be asked obviously! Check the dates, especially if you're looking out for someone particularly, it's better to book at the earliest possible. 

  1. Who will do the shooting? Can you show me some of your works? How many wedding shoots have you done? Do you have any references whom I can call?

Before booking your wedding photographer, you must do a background check. You won't get back the time or the people so you can't afford to lose it. Seek for someone who values the emotions behind a wedding, and will capture the key moments without any loss. If you've any particular ideas or you've references, show it to him. The best way to know the authenticity of work is to get a review from previous client's! 

  1. Will you be shooting another wedding also at the same time? Do you have a team?

 If the photographer covers many weddings at the same time he might not be able to give his full attention to your work. If they work as a team, it might get better. 

  1. What package do you have, what do they include? Will you do the pre-wedding shoot? 

You should ask them about the different packages they've. If you want something more or less, request them to customize a package for you. Pre-wedding shoots are in the trend nowadays! It displays the love and the bond between two people. So it's worth including in the package.

  1. How do you charge? What is the method of payment? When do you expect the payments? Cancellation policy?

This is a vital question. Get the written payment details. Ask about the advance for booking, and also if instalment facility is available. Don't forget to get a clear idea regarding any penalty for cancellations. Also add what arrangements they expect from your side ( like food, accommodation etc)

  1. Will you accommodate any delay? Do you charge any additional charges for touch-ups and light balance or for a destination wedding?

 These are general questions to avoid any later misunderstandings.

  1. When will I get my photos and videos? What is your back up plan? 

After the wedding ends, I know you'll soon be anxious to see your photos! So get an estimated date when you'll receive the photos. If you want an album, discuss the quality of paper used for the print out of the pictures. Another important thing is plan B! In unwanted circumstances, if the photographer cannot make it on the D-day, what happens then? Its always better to stay prepared for such a situation. Wedding photographs are cherished for a lifetime. Every time there will be a get-together, you definitely will pull out the wedding photographs to look at them once again. They never get old. So, create a beautiful memory.

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